Casquettes & Bonnets

Casquette patch « Girl Rocks »

25 €

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The American cap also called "trucker" bicolor. Paired with faded jeans, this cap has its full style of filet fabric emblematic of American films of the nineties. 5 panels, 4 of which are mesh mesh Adjustable size thanks to a tongue at the back. Visor with 6 lines stitched. Important detail: I chose to produce to order, so no mess, no useless stock. No more overproduction, Yes to reasoned production. In this slow fashion approach, I ask you to be patient, any order requires a manufacturing time between 5 and 7 working days that cannot be reduced, in addition to the time of transport. But when you love, you don't count, do you? and then it's existing to wait too, right?