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Masque de protection en tissu "Skull Pirate"

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Protective mask in fabric, made in France, in ultra local. The elastics pass behind the head and not on the ears for better comfort. They are made of 3 layers of fabric: - interior: poplin or cotton twill depending on the stocks I managed to find. Always with the aim of having comfort and respect for the skin of the face. - exterior: poplin printed with cool cotton patterns: look ridiculous with a mask, ok we have no choice, so as much as it's fun! 🏴 ☠️🤘 - in the middle: a fabric initially made for furnishings, curtains exactly, cotton, with the tightest and densest weaving I found. I am, by training, and by profession, for more than 20 years, stylist-model, which gives me a knowledge of fabrics that allowed me to choose the materials letting pass the least thing. They are not certified. What for? I am too small a structure to pay and take the steps to get this certification. I still remind you that it will never be worth a surgical mask or an FFP2 mask with filter. Why didn't I follow Afnor's 3-fold sponsorship? Simply because this model, with its 3 folds and 3 layers of fabric put a strain on my sewing machine and I do not want to break it. So I decided to do my own sponsorship, my own model in order to eliminate the central seam, leaving a clamp on the nose. I did analyze AFNOR's instructions and found a way to combine their instructions while avoiding their 3 fold sponsorship. In order to meet the required standards. How to use and wear them: - Wash it before first use - Wash your hands before putting them on - Only handle it by the elastics as much as possible - Avoid touching the mask when it is worn - Put it in a bag after use - Reseed your hands after removing it - Wash the mask at 60oC after each use It is advisable to change them regularly